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Gladys Tan

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5 Questions To Consider Before Investing

2021 was the year of struggles.

We had the Great Realignment and Resignation, money and tough choices. The #newnormal has forced many industries, systems and even people to change.

One notable event is that the new normal has brought along a flood of new investors who are mostly amateurs and are often excited about the market.

Groww, an online investment platform, revealed a growth rate of 94.53% for first-time investors in 2021 (as of July) as compared to the previous year.

As rewarding as an investment may be, an investment journey is a complex expedition that requires much time and study. One misstep could lead to a mishap and this may just result in the loss of your hard-earned money. Therefore, whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced investor, before you start an investment, you should always give careful consideration to as many aspects of an investment as you can.

To help you in your investment journey, finexis has created a helpful guide that shares with you the 5 Areas To Consider Before Investing.

Download the material here:

Feel free to share this guide with the people around you as the saying goes; sharing is caring!

Help your family and friends to invest with prudence.

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