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Use This Soccer Strategy To Guide You On Allocating Your Financial Resources

Who's ready for a game of soccer? ⚽

Do you know that a game of Soccer can guide us on how we strategically allocate our resources when investing?

But why is strategic allocation so important?

Because we realise that most people:

👉🏼 are taking unnecessary risks in their investments

👉🏼 do not have a proper selection process & risk management strategies

👉🏼 have investments that often lack risk-return efficiency

Why soccer? 🤔

Because in soccer, every player has a role to play to help the team win.

Similarly, we believe that every instrument in your portfolio should have a purpose and contributes to your journey towards financial freedom.

Here’s how both soccer and strategic allocation look like together:

🌟 Goal Keeper

On the field: To prevent the opponent from scoring

In the portfolio: To prevent unforeseen events from scoring against us (i.e. illness or loss of job)

Some examples of this include the ever-so-important insurance and emergency funds. It's your first line of defence. If this isn't secure, then there's no game to be played.

Read my article about emergency funds here.

🌟 Defenders

On the field: Support Goal Keeper in defending the goal post

In the portfolio: Provides stability and allows us to hedge against inflation

The role of defenders is mainly capital preservation. More often than not, these are your more stable investment options such as Fixed Income. The deciding factor as to which instrument and amount to invest in depends on your individual needs. The defenders and goalkeepers also work in alignment to ensure the frontline is secure and balanced in case of rainy days.

🌟 Midfielders

On the field: Simultaneously support the strikers and/or defenders when necessary

In the portfolio: To allow us to be aggressive when we want to, and defensive when we need to.

Unit Trust plays a predominantly large role in the midfielder position. Such an instrument allows the investor to manoeuvre across different market climates, providing the flexibility to switch strategies from time to time.

🌟 Strikers

On the field: Score goals

In the portfolio: Play to win / reach for maximum returns

Leveraged property. Funds. Businesses. These are some examples of strikers, whereby they are meant to deliver above-average returns to your portfolio.


As evident from the list above, every position has a specific role to play.

Regardless if you're investing, here's something to think about: If today, you are the soccer coach of a team, how would you position your players?

If you'd like to know which field position you are strong in and where you need to add more players, let's have a chat.

ℹ️ Or if you need any help or advice on your finances, feel free to email me.

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