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Maybe You Should Date Your Money Too

I recently came across a talk show where the speaker encouraged her audience to treat money the way they would treat their date(s).

I thought it was a fantastic analogy.

When we go on dates, there are certain objectives we want to achieve.

First, we try to get to know the person to see if we are on the same frequency, share similar interests whatnot.

Second, once we decide that we like that person enough to go on more dates, we become curious about their preference - we want to know what is their favourite colour, their go-to restaurants, etc.

So how can we apply the above to the way we manage money?

Well, number one, we can't just cast it aside (aka put it in the bank) and not do anything about it.

Let me ask you this. What do you think will happen if you turn up on a date and keep staring at your phone? I'm pretty sure you will soon find yourself at the table, alone. And that's exactly what inflation does to the savings you have in your bank account - leaving you high and dry over time.

So what should you be doing instead?

Just like how you would be curious to get to know the other person better, take time to understand how you feel about money. What are your beliefs, values and principles when it comes to finance?

Coming back to our date - say you really like this person and both of you decide to move to the next phase - what's next? What do each of you now expect out of the other? This is a very valid question to ask of your wealth strategies as well. Where do you see yourself with the solutions you have in place?

And here are some more parallels we can draw from dating:

1. Having faith in yourself and others

When you believe in yourself, you develop confidence. As your confidence increases so does your ability to connect meaningfully with others. If you are worried about the risks of investing, speak to an advisor and learn how to manage your risks. You can't ignore the possibility of investments. Neither should be overthink what happens in the market and then miss a good choice.

"Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out Keep You From Playing The Game."

2. Take Time and Give Time

The market is very volatile. The right question to ask is: how can I make volatility a friend? After all, volatility = opportunity. Take time to understand how things work and make an informed decision. Then give time. The world is all about instant gratification. But good things take time. Let me ask you - would you rather make money boringly or lose money excitingly?

3. Be Patient

Accepting your partner with his/her imperfections needs patience. No matter how the market is performing, ride it out as long as you still believe in your strategies.

4. Don't be possessive

If anybody you're dating tends to over-interact, or behave like a possessive clingy date, wouldn't that turn you off? Similarly, don't check your investments every 10 minutes. Just because your date doesn't reply you, don't jump into conclusion that he/she is ghosting you.

The most obsessive, clingy and possessive you are with your money, the more your wealth will break up with you.


We can learn so much about our money if we have a good relationship with it. And even better, the more we nurture our relationship with our wealth, the more we see benefits from it.

If you're looking for ways to understand your wealth planning better, let's chat.

ℹ️ Need any help or advice on your finances? Feel free to email me.

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