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Gladys Tan

Financial Consultant

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All Your Financial Information - In One Place!

Have you heard about SGFinDex?

If there's one thing I absolutely love about being a Singaporean, it's how we are always ready to progress and be more productive. The content distribution team at finexis recently shared this wonderful tool to help us be on top of our personal financial situations.

SGFinDex is the world's first public digital infrastructure to use a national digital identity and centrally managed online consent system to enable access to financial information held across different government agencies and financial institutions.

It empowers individuals to consolidate his/her financial information for a comprehensive view of portfolio to help do better financial planning and achieve financial wellbeing.

With an overview of one’s finances on SGFinDex, you can easily:

  • Track expenses and adjust spending

  • Set savings goals and build emergency funds

  • Spot and plug any protection gaps

  • Consider investing in suitable financial products

  • Stay up-to-date with assets and liabilities

  • Monitor and manage investments

Here's an overview:

It only requires you to give consent once every year to get a consolidated view of financial information on one’s preferred platform.

Wondering if the financial information is safe while it is being retrieved through SGFinDex? Fret not because all the financial information is kept secret, even from SGFinDex!

When you retrieve your financial information via SGFinDex, it is encrypted before being sent to your preferred platform. SGFinDex cannot read and does not store any individuals' financial Information.

Find out more about it today and start financial planning with more assurance!

Download the infographic here:

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