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Gladys Tan

Financial Consultant

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6 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Financial Goals & Reach Financial Freedom

“Gladys, do you know why I carry this around?”

A friend of mine, who I also regard as a mentor, waves a stamp booklet as he asks me this question.

Me: "Was it given to you by someone special?"

Mentor: "No. This reminds me to be sticky. Sticky to the things I choose to do, sticky to the decisions I make and sticky to the values I hold. And don’t forget, stamps are no longer useful when they lose their stickiness."

I really like the meaning drawn out from such a humble item.

And so it got me thinking: What am I sticking to?

🤔 Am I holding on to habits that help me become a better person? Or am I holding on to habits that no longer serve me?

🤔 Am I doing what is necessary to reach the goals I set out to achieve? Or am I doing only what is convenient?

Here Are Some Tips You Can Consider To Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals & Reach Financial Freedom

1. Remember your why.

Without a strong why, there’s a good chance you’ll quit before you reach your financial goals. And it’s because spending money is easier than having the discipline to save it and learning how to properly invest it. A strong why can change that. 2. Worry less about trying to be perfect

Sometimes you might blow your entertainment budget or overspend on clothes. You may have spent money you planned to save or invest. Being mindful is a good first step. Then, determine if you need to loosen your budget or adjust your expectations to be more realistic.

3. Reward yourself when you reach your financial milestones and goals.

For most of us, identifying a reward for accomplishing large goals can be another great motivator. Treat yourself to mini rewards that help you stay motivated to accomplish that bigger goal. 4. Gamify it!

Sometimes goals feel less daunting and therefore easier to accomplish when we feel that we don’t have to take them so seriously or when we can have some fun as we work towards them. For me, I post my savings journey on my socials! Check them out here: @gladystjy

5. Let go of the things that aren’t working.

The possibilities for earning, saving, and investing money are almost endless, so if something is making your life miserable or it just isn’t working for some reason, stop doing it (at least for a time) and try something else instead.

6. Get support ♡

It can be a lot easier to stick to your financial goals if you don’t feel like you’re alone. Even if you’re not ready to tell the world about the financial journey you’re on, there are communities and like-minded people out there who can strengthen and support each other in their financial journey.

Good luck! 💪🏼

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