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About Gladys



If you find yourself thinking:

- I want to invest but it seems very complicated

- I want to invest but I don’t have time nor interest to look into it

- I want to invest but I don’t have a lot of money


Let me help you.


Hello, my name is Gladys, a Financial Consultant representing finexis advisory Pte Ltd. Coming from a communications and psychology background, I chanced upon a career in the financial advisory business in 2016 after discovering its benefits from a personal financial journey. Since then, I help Millennials, Professionals and Families achieve their Financial Freedom through comprehensive and holistic wealth planning. 

I’m very passionate about financial literacy as I believe everyone deserves access to quality financial advice so they can be empowered to make informed financial decisions. I look forward to sharing unique methodologies and strategies I’ve gained knowledge of with my clients. 


If I haven't had the chance to get to know you, feel free to book a call so we can chat. Or if you know someone who can potentially benefit from the work I do, please connect them with me so I can help to positively impact more lives.

I now have a much, much more balanced life thanks to Gladys. I am ever so grateful for what she has done for me.

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"I’ve never met anyone more passionate than Gladys about helping others. I see in her work that she puts her heart into what she does with only the best intentions. On top of helping me manage my finance portfolio, Gladys has gone way beyond and helped me in my process to make a career switch which I’m very, very grateful for.

Knowing that I was looking for a job switch, Gladys jumped at the opportunity to connect me with an acquaintance who was looking for a marketing headcount. From working a 14-hour job which came with a lot of stress and anxiety, I now work fixed office hours in a job that gives me creative freedom and autonomy to have work/life control.


With more free time, I was able to start a passion project that has been on my mind for years that also allowed me to earn an additional stream of income. I'm blown away by Gladys' support in my endeavour as she has been my no.. 1 fan and accountability partner! 

- Thivya Krishnansamy

Marketing & Branding Specialist

In terms of financial planning, I’ve never felt obligated or pressured because while Gladys provides the best recommendations curated for me, she also gives me ample space to make the final decision based on what I’m the most comfortable with. She is very patient and I trust that she only has my best interests at heart.

I’ve never had any other provide the kind of service that Gladys has – understanding my needs and specially tailoring my portfolio accordingly, promptly sending updates, checking in with reviews as well as keeping in touch so that I know that I can count on her in my times of need.

Gladys is not just a financial advisor but a growth partner who’s genuinely invested in your success and growth that I cannot recommend highly enough."

Client Testimonials


Anandveer Singh,




Holistic guidance in building and managing an efficient investment portfolio for yourself or your dependents


Overall financial wellbeing through a combination of responsible stewardship, client education, and innovative planning ideas


Access to a wide range of expertise including mortgage advisory, wealth management, estate planning, etc

"Friendly, Approachable, Responsible"

Jing Wen.jpeg

Wee Jing Wen


It’s my pleasure to recommend Gladys - my friendly, approachable, and responsible financial advisor - to anyone who is keen to achieve their financial objectives.


It's really refreshing to work with a financial advisor who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances, and preferences. Our first meeting was spent discussing my financial needs and goals. I didn't feel pressurised or forced to sign the policies. She is very patient, understanding, and supportive, always providing sufficient explanation when recommending the plans/policies that suit me the most.


Gladys also takes initiative to have regular updates or discussion session which help me understand how the investment is going and keep me updated with possible financial opportunities. Your professional, and ethical elicits my trust and respect. I gladly recommend your services.

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In respect of disclosure, you understand that Gladys Tan may disclose your personal data to third parties where necessary for the above-stated purposes.

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